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Electric Chainsaw – Choosing the Best One

While both mechanical and electric chainsaw are meant for cutting applications, these two saws are completely different in operation. This is the sole reason why customers can get confused in choosing the right model. There are also tons of brands to look at, and picking the best chainsaw brand isn’t easy.

Online retailers and departmental stores both offer a wide range of selection for electric models and they come at different prices. Therefore, it is very important to consider several parameters which are helpful in making the right decision.


Reasons to go for an electric chainsaw

Although electric saws do not offer the same brawny power as that of mechanical chainsaws, it is very easy to use. Unlike the mechanical chainsaws which involve users to tinker with a gasoline engine, spark plugs and carburetors, electric models are simply plug and use approach.

Also to note, an electric chainsaw can be used by anyone; be it from experienced professionals to newbies. This is not the case for mechanical saws as they are complex and requires operation training before using it.

Choosing the right model

  • Power

As already discussed above, electric saws come with various options which are mostly related to power. The motor of electric saw has a range of 8 to 15 amps; which means a power rating of 900W to 1.7 kW. The selection of power ratings entirely depends upon the intended application.

Experts suggest that models with motor ratings of 10 to 13 amps are suitable for household and other domestic chores. These types of electric saws with such ratings do not consume much electricity and are safe as well.

  • Guide bar

Another most important factor to consider is the chainsaw’s guide bar length. Guide bar of an electric chainsaw comes in all sizes. The majority of preferred guide bar length ranges from 12 inches to 20 inches.

Although cutting is more convenient if the guide bar is long, several safety factors also come into consideration here. To point out such, the risk of kickback is increased if the guide bar’s length is more. Another major issue is more chain oil is used up as a long guide bar requires a long chain belt.

  • Size

Size is always one of the most important factors to consider while choosing an electric saw. Although most electric saws are substantially compact than mechanical saws, their body sizes also vary according to different models.

  • Features

While features of an electric chainsaw might vary from different companies to models, there are some essential tools and feature which if present in a particular model enhances convenience. Some of the essential features to look out for include an automatic bar oiler, smooth start ignition, slip clutch, current limiter and tool-less chain tensioner.

  • Price

It all boils down to the chainsaw’s price. The rule of thumb here is that customers get what they have paid for. In other words, high priced electric chainsaw comes with a superior build quality and extra features while moderate and low priced models focus on the essentials. The major differences are that a bloat-load of features add extra convenience while basic and essential features are paramount and cost less.